Super Seven Sphere | Very Rare

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Super Seven Sphere | Very Rare
Super Seven Sphere | Very Rare
Super Seven Sphere | Very Rare
Super Seven Sphere | Very Rare

Massive chakra cleanse | Emotional detox | Rare & Powerful


A combination of goethite, cacoxenite, rutile, lepidocrocite, amethyst, clear quartz and smoky quartz, super seven crystals are powered with some of the highest vibes in the crystal kingdom. The combined energy of these stones is what makes these rare pieces so sought after. Super Seven is only mined in a remote area of Brazil and in limited quantities.


Super Seven is considered to be remarkable because it has the unique ability to simultaneously connect us to higher realms yet ground us firmly in physical reality. Thus this stone isn't limited to association any one chakra, but is remarkable at aligning, healing, balancing, and energizing all 7 chakras. 


This unique self sustainable stone retains all its properties without any need of cleansing or energizing.



This exact authentic Super Seven sphere mined in Brazil, charged with Reiki & by the Full Moon.



 2.75" round, 13.4oz 


Healing Properties of the seven minerals present in Super Seven Crystals:

Amethyst: Balance | Peace | Tranquility | Protection | Intuition | Healing | "stone of sobriety"

Clear Quartz: "Master Healer" | Energy amplifier | Manifest your intentions | You can give quartz directions as to what energy you need help with.

Smoky Quartz: Centering + grounding | Protection | Stress reduction | Mental clarity | Releases negative emotions

Cacoxenite:  Spiritual enlightenment | Peace of mind

Goethite: Release emotional blockages & past conflicts | Intuition | Creativity | Psychism

Lepidocrocite:  Soothing & uplifting | Aids in depression | Joyful | Eases hyperactivity

Rutiles:  Strength | Vitality | Positive Energy | Self Esteem (these can be red, gold or silver). 

Please note that nothing in this listing is a substitute for medical advice.

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