Bulk Palo Santo + Decorative Box

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Bulk Palo Santo + Decorative Box
Bulk Palo Santo + Decorative Box
Bulk Palo Santo + Decorative Box
Bulk Palo Santo + Decorative Box

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Sustainably & ethically sourced, our Palo Santo sticks are available in bulk + shipped to you in a decorative wooden carved floral box. 


The heartwood of Palo Santo is used in aromatherapy, meditation, energetic purification of space (a.k.a. smudging), preparing tea, and as an effective repellent for mosquitoes. The uplifting and pleasantly aromatic smoke enhances the vibration of any environment, facilitates creativity, and attracts positive energy!



16- 20 Palo Santo sticks, based on weight

Carved Wooden Decorative box



Palo Santo sticks are approximately 4- 4.5" in length 

3" x 5" decorative box


When to use Palo Santo:

     - To promote healing on all levels. Traditionally, Palo Santo has been used for remedying various ailments, such as common colds, flu symptoms, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression and inflammation.

     - For daily smudging. Although just as powerful as sage for clearing, the scent of Palo Santo is much lighter, making it a wonderful option for your everyday smudging ceremony.

     - To keep insects away. When lit, palo santo releases a purifying smoke that repels mosquitoes and other insects, which is one of the many ways people in Ecuador and Peru have used the smoke from this sacred wood.


Always use caution when smudging 





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