Abalone + Palo Santo Smudge Kit | Amethyst

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Abalone + Palo Santo Smudge Kit | Amethyst
Abalone + Palo Santo Smudge Kit | Amethyst
Abalone + Palo Santo Smudge Kit | Amethyst

calming | cleansing | good fortune | peace 


Bring positive energy to your space with our Abalone + Palo Santo Smudge Kit. Wrapped with an amethyst cluster, these energizing Palo Santo sticks provide the best vibes to your sanctuary (and ward off incests during the process!!). Burn one end of the stick and spread the smoke around you and your space while using your abalone shell to catch any fallen ashes. 



4" Abalone shell 

4 1/2" Palo Santo smudge stick

1-2" reiki charged + Full Moon cleansed Amethyst cluster


Palo Santo is a cultivated wood from South America, known for its prominent aromatic properties. It has a citrusy sweet scent with undertones of pine, musk and vanilla, and is used in warding off bad energy and in healing.

Known as a “holy wood,” it is calming and cleansing, and is said to bring good fortune to those who burn it.


Abalone shells are tools often used to smudge. These shells are gifts of the sea and symbolically represent the water element.


Amethyst is an extremely powerful stone known for its calming + peaceful energy to its owner. The cluster you will receive was mined in Uruguay.


+ These kits have been charged with reiki + cleansed under the full moon


+ When to use Palo Santo:

     + To promote healing on all levels. Traditionally, Palo Santo has been used for remedying various ailments, such as common colds, flu symptoms, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression and inflammation.

     + For daily smudging. Although just as powerful as sage for clearing, the scent of Palo Santo is much lighter, making it a wonderful option for your everyday smudging ceremony.

     + To keep insects away. When lit, palo santo releases a purifying smoke that repels mosquitoes and other insects, which is one of the many ways people in Ecuador and Peru have used the smoke from this sacred wood.


 Always use caution when smudging 


Due to the unique nature of the stones, size, shape and color will vary.  

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