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Aphrodite Smudge Stick

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Aphrodite Smudge Stick
Aphrodite Smudge Stick

love | beauty | positive energy | healing | sensual


Raise your love vibration with our Aphrodite smudge stick! This aromatic blend of herbs, flowers & Palo Santo has been thoughtfully curated to bring out the inner love goddess in you. Included with each smudge is a 3" selenite wand + a clear quartz crystal, reiki charged & Full Moon cleansed to enhance those loving & feminine vibrations. 



Rosemary : promotes healing |  soothing | beauty + feminine power. Peaceful + protection. Associated with Aphrodite.


Palo Santo : love + good fortune | healing | calming | creativity + positive energy


Rose : love | peace | romance


Lavender : relaxing | peace | happiness 


Clear Quartz : energy amplifier | master healer 


Selenite : unblocks stagnant energy | protect | clarity


+ Smudging has been used since ancient times for healing & to clear the build up of emotional or spiritual negativity. When burned, sage and other herbs release a large amount of negative ions, which has been linked to a more positive mood. 


Always use caution when smudging


Due to the unique nature of the stones, size, shape and color will vary.  


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